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Meet Nechama Cohen Founder & CEO – The Jewish Diabetes Association Author of EnLitened Kosher Cooking

What do you do when you learn you have Type I Diabetes and you are an observant Jewish mother? First, you shake your head at the irony of being part of a culture laden with holiday traditions that focus on food. Then, you do what Jews have always done for centuries – study and look for answers.

That is what Enlitened Kosher Cooking author Nechama Cohen did in 1985, when she learned she had diabetes. The challenge of controlling her condition and maintaining a traditional Jewish lifestyle proved to be harder than Cohen first thought, especially when the Jewish holidays arrived. But, rather than give up, she worked even harder.

Committed to gaining a full understanding of her condition, Cohen continued her studies in nutrition and social work at Brooklyn College, and then transferred to Kingsboro College, where she studied nursing. As if this was not enough activity, she also started a support group for Jewish women living with (Type I) diabetes.

Over the next few years, Cohen focused her community activism toward helping the millions of Jewish and non-Jewish people suffering from diabetes. She wrote articles on diabetes for various Jewish newspapers in the New York area and worked to build her diabetes support group – which had long since outgrown her living room, where initial meetings were held.

In 2000, Cohen’s support group became the Jewish Diabetes Association (JDA), a non-profit, non-sectarian organization providing information and support for thousands of people with diabetes. Today, Cohen remains CEO of the association – now recognized as the largest Jewish diabetes organization in the world – and continues to stress diabetes prevention, education, and control.

Responding to the growing need for healthy-living information and solutions, Nechama wrote Enlitened Kosher Cooking. Published in October 2006, this insightful cookbook offers more than 250 good-carb, healthy-fat, sugar-free recipes that are perfect for weekday use and special occasions alike.

“Even if you’re not on a diet or struggling with a particular health issue, you will still enjoy these elegant, healthy traditional and non-traditional dishes,” said Cohen.

Nechama Cohen believes a positive attitude and education are the keys to good health a theory she not only promotes, but lives each and every day. A wife, mother of six, and grandmother Nechama and her husband split their time between homes in Jerusalem, Israel and Brooklyn, to learn more go to www.jewishdiabetes.org and www.enlitenedkoshercooking.com
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