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Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15



In addition to the Passover Section of EnLITEned KOSHER COOKING (page 356), the following listed recipes can be used for Passover without any changes, (unless otherwise specified).

All ingredients used for Passover must be certified as Kosher for Passover.

There are many more recipes throughout the book that, with minor substitutions, may also be used for Passover. In general, any recipe that calls for small amounts of flour or soy protein powder (1-3 tablespoons) can be adjusted using potato starch instead.

Unfortunately, there are very few sugar-free products available with Kosher for Passover certification. Therefore, in recipes that call for small amounts of sugar-free products, such as vanilla pudding, jam, etc, one can substitute regular Kosher for Passover products and make the adjustments in the nutrition facts, using the information provided on the product label.

Any changes in your diet regimen should be discussed with your health care professional. We recommend showing this book to your health care team in funny gifs order for them to help you make adjustments in your regimen


Page #

42 - EnLITEnedOnions

43 - EnLITEnedEgg Whites

43- EnLITEnedRoasted Nuts

47- Classic Golden Chicken Soup

48- Low-Carb Chicken Soup

49- Fat-Free Knaidlach (Matzah Balls) (Gebrokts)

52- Blended Soup

58- Spinach-Veal Soup

61- Spicy Yemenite Soup

62- Crock-Pot Cabbage Soup

63- Vichyssoise (Potato-Leek Soup) (Replace soy milk with regular milk. Remember, this will then be Dairy.)

64- EnLITEnedVichyssoise (Mock Potato Soup)

70- Orange and Fennel Salad

72- Fennel in Vinaigrette

73- Spring Salad

74- Multi-Green Creamy Balsamic Salad

75- Powerhouse Breakfast Salad for Two

76- Orange-Kiwi Salad

78- Creamy Cucumber Salad (Dairy Dressing)

79- Fresh Spinach and Strawberry Salad

82- Tossed Salad with Roasted Almonds

86- Classic Coleslaw

86- Mashed Eggplant Salad (Babaganoush)

87- Sweet and Sour Salad

87- Shredded Black Radish Salad

89- Kohlrabi Salad

89- Moroccan Cooked Carrot Salad

92- Creamy Israeli Salad

93- Light Waldorf Salad

96- EnLITEnedEgg Salad

97- Tangy Chicken Salad

98- Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken

102- Sour Peppers 1

103- Sour Peppers 2

104- Pickled Roasted Peppers

104- Marinated Vegetables

106- Antipasti

107- Light Lettuce Salad

108- Three-Bean Salad

110- Pickle Salad

111- Broccoli-Cauliflower Salad

112- Mock Potato Salad

115- Broccoli-Almond Salad

118- Chrayonnaise (Horseradish Mayonnaise)

118- Dill Dip

120- Roasted Pepper Dip

121- Onion-Cheese Dip (Dairy)

121- Ranch Dip (Dairy)

122- Creamy Dressing

125- Matboucha

125- Quick Tomato Dip

126- Authentic S'chug

128- "Imitation" S'chug for Beginners

130- EnLITEnedTapenade (Olive Spread)

130- Rich Avocado Spread

131-Spicy Guacamole Spread

142- Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

144- EnLITEnedMock Noodle Kugel (Casserole)

146 Easy, Quick and Light Letcho (Gazpacho)

148- Letcho (Gazpacho/Shakshuka)

150- Braised Zucchini with Leek and Onion

152- Mushroom-Spinach Saut®¶

155- Braised Vegetables

157- Broccoli Kabobs

158- Portobello Mushroom Caps

160- Baby Artichokes

163- Oven-Steamed Endives with Lemon and Parsley

172- Vegetable-Cheddar Frittata

174- Powerful Egg White Omelet

175- Powerful Egg White Omelet (Sweet Version)

177- Cheese Balls

179- Any-Vegetable Parmesan Microwave Delight 180- Roasted Vegetables with Feta Cheese

186- Syrian Cucumber-Mint Soup

191- EnLITEnedSweet and Sour Fish

192- EnLITEnedLow-Carb Gefilte Fish

195- Seared Salmon with Broccoli Florets & Scallions

196- Susannah's Orange-Glazed Salmon

199- Halibut Steaks in Pouches

201- Fish Fillets Stuffed with Steamed Fresh Spinach

202- Tilapia with Vegetable Topping

203- Easy Broiled Fish Steaks

207- Baked Whole Rainbow Trout in Ginger Sauce

209- Stuffed Red Snapper Moroccan Style

210- Snapper with Celery Stuffing

212- Sephardic Spicy Fish in Red Sauce

214-Fish Cholent (Stew)

215-Tuna or Salmon Patties

216- Middle Eastern Tuna Salad

218- Salmon Pat®¶

219- Tuna, Mushroom and Egg Quiche

226- EnLITEnedChopped Liver

229- Satisfying Low-in-Everything Chicken

231- Meatballs over Mashed String Beans

237- Galerette (P'tcha, Calf's Foot Aspic)

238- Shoulder Roast

247- Roast Chicken Provencal with Whole Garlic

248- Jerusalem "Mixed Grill"

249- Turkey Cutlets with Almonds in Mustard Sauce

250- Mediterranean Herb Chicken

251- Lemon Chicken113

254- Sloppy Joes

255- Surprise Roast

257 Balsamic Chicken

259- Chicken Cacciatore

288- Baked Cheesecake (omit soy protein powder)

297- Mandelbread (omit soy powder)

303- Cream Cheese Frosting (Dairy)

306- Easy Fruit Dip (NON-Dairy Version)

306- Cinnamon Butter Topping (Dairy)

307- Chocolate Cream (Dairy)

312- EnLITEnedVelvety Chocolate Mousse / Half-Bake

316- Tempting Cheese Snack (Dairy)

324- Calorie-Wise Fruit Fools

328- De"lite"ful Fruits Romanoff (omit optional rum)

330- Luscious Lemon Ice Cream

331- Esrog (Citron) Compote

332- Peach Skewers

332- Blueberry/Strawberry/Melon/Wine Salad

333- Microwave Cinnamon-Apple Slices (Dairy Topping)

336- Lemon-Orange Yogurt Ice Cream (Dairy)

337- Cheese Cups (Dairy)

342- Almond Milk (Dairy)

344- Fruit-Lime Smoothie

347- Fruit Punch (use available diet soda)

347- Mulled Wine

348- Morning Coffee (Dairy)

350- Spiced Coffee

350- EnLITEnedCoffee Float (Dairy)

355- Lime-Mint Iced Tea

355- Gingered Iced Tea


(suggested substitutions in parenthesis)

83- Cabbage Salad with Almonds and Sesame Seeds (omit Sesame Seeds)

90- Wild Rice- Broccoli Salad

114- Mixed Greens and String Bean Salad

124- Pesto (substitute walnuts for pine nuts)

124- Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto; same as above

123- Tehina (Middle Eastern)

151- Pearl Onions with Tiny Peas

161- Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Sweet Potatoes (substitute walnuts for pecans)

178- Pesto "Cheesecake (substitute walnuts for pine nuts)

204- Sole Amandine (substitute oil)

206-Fillet of Sole with Mustard Sauce on a Bed of Fresh Spinach (substitute oil)


256- Quick and Easy Chicken Breasts in Wine (omit sesame seeds)

305- Delectable Halva Syrup/Cream

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