Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15

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Nechama Cohen is a wonderful cook who has written a beautiful book called Enlitened Kosher Cooking. She also happens to be founder and CEO of the Jewish Diabetes Association.
"It started out when I developed diabetes and realized there were some specific Jewish issues." said Nechama Cohen.
Some of THOSE issues may be some of yours. Ethnic Americans have some of the best food. to be sure. for. But when I think of Jewish food I think of schmaltz ,sour cream. thick soups and sauces. sweet sugary desserts.
"I think over the years the more instant and fast pace we've become, the more actually the more unhealthy we've become." said Cohen.
You can have a LIITLE BIT of almost anything. says Cohen.
"They're small portions, very small portions and we need to be satisfied with small amounts. And that could really get us going and it works." said Cohen.
Type two diabetes has become almost pandemic today. because of how people eat.
"There are very small amounts of very good things but top quality ingredients. Always top quality ingredients is probably the name of the game. I think if you speak to any good chef, that's the one thing they would tell us." said Cohen.
Jewish lifestyle can include exercise and eating RIGHT.
"People need to know it basically education. Any lifestyle choice." said Cohen.
In her book there are more than 250 good carb, healthy fat. sugar free recipes. Some simple. some elegant.
"Enlightenment, both as far as education and how we should eat and how we lighten up these recipes is really the bottom line." said Cohen.
You don't have to be Jewish to benefit from Nechama Cohen's approach.

The Osgood File Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network
The Osgood File. November 23, 2006