Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15




One-third of the mothers and half the fathers of overweight children, who were themselves either overweight or obese, rated their own size as "about right." And one-third of the obese girls and half of the obese boys also were rated by their parents as "about right." In addition, a British study found that most parents of obese children were unaware that their children's weight was above normal. This means that what a large portion of the general public may consider to be normal weight is seen by the medical community as hazardous. As a service to our children and ourselves, we must increase our awareness and knowledge in order to start making major changes.


It's really okay for kids not to clean their plates!

First, no-carb diets are not good for kids. They need good carbs such as whole grains, certain cereals, most fruits, vegetables and dairy products in the right amounts combined with the correct amount of protein, fat and fiber.


Kids should be avoiding foods that contain large quantities of sugar, salt and hydrogenated oil. They provide nothing but empty calories and teach kids to prefer sweeter, higher fat foods. Don't let them eat while they are reading or sitting in front of the computer, as they will almost always end up consuming more than they should.


Second, forget what your mother told you-  it's really okay for kids not to clean their plates. Knowing when to stop eating is an important skill in weight management. Don't tell them about the kids that are starving in Africa. One day mothers in Africa will be telling their kids about the children in the West who are eating themselves sick!


Third, keep them moving. They don't burn many calories sitting in front of a computer or reading. Most babies are active on their own, but as kids get older, they'll most likely look to you for guidance. If you stay fit, you will be setting an example that lasts a lifetime.


We often find ourselves worrying more about our children than ourselves, but we really should make healthy choices for our own good. Children tend to eat whatever is available and to copy what adults do. If you are always grabbing the "fast food" choices, your children most likely will do the same.


Although some of these foods are truly convenient, we can easily get into the habit of having healthier "grabs" on hand, with preparation and a little forethought. Having a family is a commitment for life. We are well aware of our responsibility to pass on to our children our values and beliefs. But it's also our duty to teach them, through our example, the lessons of healthy eating. Since so much of our family life revolves around food, let's make sure that our kids are getting a healthy message!

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