Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15



It is important that you have a cold pack carrying case for the insulin and strips with you when travelling. 

Never leave any supplies in the car

---even strips can go bad in extreme heat

The vial and/ or pen that you are using should not be refrigerated. But kept on a dark preferably low drawer or shelf in a dark closet and air-conditioned room

 Make sure that you have at least one pen of lantus, levemir or which ever long acting your MD prefers and glucagon as well if your MD has prescribed this

 Have an ample supply of winkies for low blood sugars (they have them in Israel under the name of Zaza)---the powdered ones with water work the fastest

 In the summer it is advisable to not fill the pump reservoir to the maximum since it can go bad in the heat

 If ever there are unusual high numbers---change the reservoir immediately

 Always have a syringe and pen (in case the insulin in the pump goes bad or s/t happens to the pump) with you when travelling.

 Do not pack supplies in luggage that will go under the plane or will be kept in the trunk of the car, but only in hand luggage with you on the plane or where you are sitting

 Bring more than ample supplies---you can always leave them for our gemach 

 Have copies of all prescriptions!!



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